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All Kinds Of Girls

January 22, 2014

I try to take an interest in anything that is based in New York. After living here since my Columbia days, I feel the city is part of me, and represents a large portion of who I am. That is why, I gave HBO’s Girls another try last night. I keep thinking, maybe I will like it this year. Surely, with the accolades and press this show gets there must be something here. But, alas I am once again at a complete and utter loss. Am I the only person left on the planet who enjoys a plot line and likeable characters? Nothing happens in this show! They all just sort of yell at each other in their ugly clothes, and then you watch Lena Dunham have some more sex. I do not understand. Now, I find myself walking around my neighborhood looking for girls in rompers, with tattoos, and let me tell you, I see none! Perhaps these girls live in Brooklyn? Because they do not reside in my neighborhood, nor do they sound like any of my friends, or act like any of them. Who are these girls representing anyway? The whole thing makes me feel old and at a loss. Is it time I started tuning into Golden Girls? At least on that show Blanche makes me laugh, and I can relate to super-tall-sarcastic Dorothy.

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