Instagram Addiction

February 3, 2014

I like to think of myself as a somewhat intellectual individual.  I have a library card which I actually use.  I watch foreign films, read some books, and kind of pretend to know what is going on in the world.  However, despite my view of myself, I still have an odd curiosity towards celebrity culture.  It might even be said, that checking out, may or may not be part of my daily ritual.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but I find it an oddly cathartic habit.  Oh, she broke up with him, she looks good in that dress, he, well, what was he thinking?  It’s all very mindless and I love to escape my own mundane world and into the glossy life I’ll never lead.  This has been brought to new levels however, with the addition of Instagram.  I had no idea so much could be viewed until recently.  Instagram really does give you a glimpse into these lives, and boy are they living!  I have a few Instagram accounts I stalk now on the regular.  A couple of models: I like to see what they are eating (birds’ food) and their workout routines (not that I will ever attempt said routine.) They all look so beautiful even in the most unflattering lights.  Everyone is having so much fun on their Instagrams.  Pictures of people leaping in the air- are they leaping for joy?  The parties they attend are so fabulous.  Don’t get me started on some of their vacation locations.  Their lives seem so perfect I can’t help but be fascinated.  Do you know that some socialites get given Chanel for free?  That’s one of my favorites on Instagram, where they take a snap of their gift and say some thing to the degree of “Thanks Uncle Karl.” I feel lucky if I can even afford to buy Chanel lip-gloss.  Another big thing on Instagram is the ever- present “food shot.”  All this leaves me with jealousy and hunger pangs.  Yet, I still continue to do it.  Like some crazed voyeur, I enjoy peeking into the worlds of the fabulous.  I was thinking what would my Instagram feed have?

Here are a few sneak peek shots of what my Instagram could possibly have on it’s feed:


My Party/Entertainment Tonight

My Party/Entertainment Tonight

Last Night's Food Shot

Last Night’s Food Shot



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