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The Truth About Working Out That No One Tells You

July 23, 2016

My Instagram feed is filled with toned abs and buttocks I can’t remember having the likes of since I was a pre-teen. I oggle these bronzed and lithe bodies, sometimes being such a creeper I’ll take a screen shot so I can really zoom in. I am fascinated, in awe, and jealous-all at once.
The limber girls who do yoga in their bikinis?!?! Hopping into some contortionist pose while their triangle top stays perfectly intact. They make it all look so easy, so effortless. Here’s what they aren’t showing pictures of or telling you about though; working out is hard. Or, more precisely, getting back in shape is HARD. The beginning roads of wellness are paved with hurdles of unwanted rolls, and jiggle-lump-bumps that make you feel like crap.
A life-long athlete myself, I had let it all go. Lazy days where walking my eight-pound pup sufficed as exercise was a regular routine. Until one day when I couldn’t take looking at the tone-taunters of social media, and thought, that’s it, it’s time for you to start working out.
I’m still in the process of this journey, no where near “being in shape.” And let me tell you, IT IS TOUGH.
I’ve started doing yoga. By this I mean attempting- in the privacy of my own home- doing a couple of videos here and there.
And what do I do when I’m in downward dog? I stare at my ponch tummy that’s what. A nice little Buddha belly that likes to make eye contact with me mocking me while I try to hold my body up. It ridicules me with its soft dimples saying “take a look at where all those croissants have made their home.” Yet, I keep going, even though it’s difficult.
Half the time I don’t even know what I’m doing.
Are there humans who can put both their feet down on the ground in downward dog? Are you supposed to have your feet flat? I wouldn’t even know, I’m just proud of myself for even trying. It’s a process, it’s laborious, and nobody tells you this. They just all post their “after- a- year- of working- out bodies,” but never their “during,” or “beginning shots.”
“It’s all about the journey not the destination.” Um, I’m not so sure, I’d like to be at my fit destination and not have to go through the humility of getting there. The wobbly limbs, the roles you feel that you never even knew existed. The harsh reality that you can barely touch your toes…yeah not so much. And though no one ever tells you that working out is hard, they do talk about the endorphins and how great you’ll feel after. That I can get behind, but not too sure about the during. Talk about a humbling dose of reality when you are red-faced and winded five minutes into a “relaxing yoga video.” The stretch where you discovered a roll that seems to wrap itself around you like a snake, from under your boob, all the way to your back!?!? Yeah, that was a particularly awesome day. But, you keep at it. The second you start to feel a tiny bit stronger than the day before. Or maybe .05 ounces skinnier, or just the general well-being after a good sweat sesh. It’s worth it for sure, not just for the physicality, but for the mental health too. Deeper sleeps, happier days, mental clarity-they are all added bonuses to the exercise plan. Yet, it’s not easy. It’s tough, it’s humbling, sometimes or most in my case, it’s kind of humiliating. But, we all have to start somewhere. I just wish more of social media were that somewhere. That somewhere where you have to begin, not the perfect end road destination, but the tedious-often times hard to motivate road it takes to get there. That’s what I’d like to hear more about, see more about. I guess we just have to remind ourselves that all those greased up tight bodies staring back at us from our iPhone had to start somewhere. And if you can’t picture it, or remind yourself that they too had a beginning, you can read about it here. I’m going to start a section called the truth of things, and one will be “working out.” Let’s pull back the veil of perfection and start talking about the real way we all got there. “The truth about working out.” More to come….

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