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Song For Last Days of Summer-“Looking For Knives” by Dyan

August 22, 2016

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My pre-fall anxiety has hit me full swing today. A quick glance at the calendar, a step outside to feel the drop in temperature and I am in panic mode. I get like this every end of summer, never quite being able to ditch my adolescent ways at the dread of “having to go back to school.” I am capricious and moody, longing to hold on to the last rays of summer. As with everything in my life however, a song can quickly change my color, and this jam by Dyan is paradoxically calming and motivating all at once. Where has this band been all my life?
I like nothing more than a “mood-setter,” tunes you can have playing in the background at a dinner party or in the car. This one, “Looking For Knives” is nothing short of electric-syntho-pop perfection. My prescription for “Looking For Knives” is to listen whilst driving, preferably down a tree-lined road with sunbeams warming the interior and a window cracked just so.
Yesterday, my sister received advice that when in a funk one should drive by oneself and listen to great music; I couldn’t agree more. So if you are feeling like me and a little heavy today, listen to “Looking For Knives.” It will help lift your spirit and remind you to cherish the bit of summer we have left.


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