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Life Is Messy No Matter How Much OCD You Have

September 12, 2016
Father Time waits for no one.

Father Time waits for no one.

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog. I’ve been dealing with the “realness” of fall and trying to clean up my life, my act and just generally get in gear and get it together. But, here’s the thing and my realization is–life is messy, no matter how much OCD you have.

Fall is always a time for rebirth, getting back into the “school of life.” Lord that sounds dorky, yet isn’t it true? I still run on a collegiate clock and fall means reflection and waking up to an alarm clock that buzzes, “what in of the f*ck are you doing with your life?”

I have long since past my “scary age.” Doesn’t everyone have “that scary age” when you were in your twenties, you heard it ring out, said aloud and uttered by those in their thirties or forties and thought, “God that’s old, by the time I’m that age I’ll have my sh*t together and be a Forbes cover of the perfect successful adult.”

Um, yeah my scary age was quite literally two years ago.

I’ve gotten to the point where there is a little heart flip in me that wonders when I look at calendars or truly think about my position in life, if I’ll ever get to the place of the person I wanted to be, the person I had always envisioned?

Now my friends and I discuss not having kids, and being great aunties. Not that I ever necessarily wanted babies, but the way Father Time is dealing my cards, will that even be an option for me?

But, here is the thing I DO want to take away from all of this and utilize on this blog, these things. Yes, I’m obviously going to always give my restaurant, movie, food, music recommendations-but, I also REALLY want to converse about the underbelly of life. I’ve found if you enter a dialogue with people about these things everyone is feeling this way on some level or another. We all have fears, doubts and worries that make us human and really make us all alike. Everyone’s life is messy and I’m over worrying about tidying it up and all about embracing the grime that plagues us all. From now on you can find this section under the “thoughts” and the “stuff no one wants to talk about.” More to come….



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