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What Will Your Legacy Be?

October 9, 2016


What’s your legacy going to be?

The word “legacy” seems to be trending right now on my self-help sites and blogs.

It is the “mindful” of the moment, the “kale” of yoga/health-conscious trends. Yet, in my head, I always thought that legacy had more to do with when you were “older”, when you had “kids” etc.

Yet, yesterday I read that legacy starts NOW with a ripple effect. For some reason this really shook me and gave my heart a light tremor.

It’s no secret that my theme this month and for the past while has really been feeling like I’m just not where I want to be, or more precisely, THOUGHT I would be in life. So the word legacy makes me a little predisposed to feel slightly-inwardly panicked. I’ve sat on this for a few days now, but I really keep circling back to the thought that your legacy starts NOW.

My next brain wave was that legacy doesn’t need to be defined in the archaic Americana way many of us think of it. For instance, my first understanding of the mental image of the word, is doing so well financially in life, that you buy a Hall at your old Alma Mater and have it named after you; now that’s a proper legacy!

But, the more I meditated on the concept, the more I thought that your legacy CAN start today with small acts.

Just the other morning my Mom and I were crossing the street right when a blind man was coming from the other direction. Next to him coming from behind was a taller gentleman in sweat pants. I noticed that he was walking up to this blind man and I turned to look as they passed. I could see that he had taken the blind man by his arm, locking arms the way you would an old friend or confidant. Leading him across the cross walk while holding him and telling jokes the whole time. If anyone had looked they would have thought the two were old friends. Yet really, a total stranger with such a pure act of goodness. They got to the other side and parted with a wave and a smile. My Mom and I stood there in awe, both near tears with our croissant crumbs nearly falling out of our agape mouths.

It made me think, this is the type of legacy I’d like to start within my own ripple effect. We are all capable of small acts of kindness on a daily basis. Your legacy doesn’t have to be millions of dollars and the “perfect life.” It can be changing a “perfect stranger’s” day.

“Be the wind that makes the waves.”

One of my favorite quotes shared by one of my oldest and dearest friends years ago.

If one small breath or smile of kindness could shift someone’s day/destiny and if that is all the legacy I have for right now, then I am ok with that; more than ok.

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