Top Ten Reasons To Watch Netflix’s The Crown

November 7, 2016


img_1400Top Ten Reasons To Watch Netflix’s The Crown:

  1. Reportedly one of the most expensive tv shows ever made. Certainly the most expensive period piece ever; see what $125 million looks like on screen.
  2. Since it’s Netflix, you can binge watch all at once and not have to think about the anxiety-inducing election.
  3. Claire Foy, whom I loved since the Upstairs Downstairs reboot, as a coy Queen Elizabeth II. With her bright-poppy blue eyes, which flutter here and there, you’ll learn insight into the still reigning monarch (she really is quite obsessed with dogs and horses, but in some ways by no fault of her own.)
  4. It helps fill a missing Mad Men hole. Do you remember British Lane from Mad Men? Well, he’s here, played by Jared Harris, as King George VI and he is nothing short of remarkable. Both vulnerable whilst commanding, my heart broke as he sucked back his ciggies and inevitably quite literally hacked up a lung.
  5. See why John Lithgow will sweep awards season this year. I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Lithgow; yet, I had no idea of his true acting chops. I’ve watched many portrayals of Winston Churchill but none have struck me quite as much as John Lithgow’s. His hunched over wisdom and reenactments of some of history’s best speeches left me nothing short of spellbound. He is a true thespian and his portrayal of the incomparable Churchill is the best I’ve ever seen. I guarantee you too will be joining his fan club after you watch this.
  6. The sets, costumes and all that makes up the aforementioned $125 million budget do not disappoint. From the sweeping staircase at Buckingham Palace to a lush African bush filled with wildlife, no expense is spared in the lavish scenes and your senses truly rejoice. I swooned for all of Princess Margaret’s dresses and a particular moment with Prince Phillip and an elephant I still think about for some reason.
  7. You will learn something. Peter Morgan, the show’s creator and writer, focuses on key moments in history. Like the abdication of King Edward VIII, yet also sheds light on little things one wouldn’t know. I kept saying throughout watching, “I didn’t know that!” From big moment’s in history like a dense fog which caused thousands of deaths and years later led to an air-pollution reform bill (first I’ve heard of this.) To small nuances such as the switch board used to telephone the palace. You retain something from each episode no matter how big or small.
  8. It’s generally all-around some of the best acting I’ve seen on the small screen, or any screen really.  Every actor here carries their weight perfectly. Even Matt Smith whom I’ve never been particularly fond of is a floppy-kind of annoying-yet kind of likeable Prince Phillip.  Plus, if you’ve ever watched anything on the BBC you’ll see some of their all-time greatest MVP’s.  Like Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary and Victoria Hamilton as The Queen Mother. The entire series is really a who’s who of British acting royalty (no pun intended there.)
  9. It has something for everyone.   A little romance and secret love affair with Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend for those looking to have their heart strings tugged. Yet, it’s not a slow period piece for the male gender or those easily bored. Each episode has a pace that would keep even the most testosterone-type or ADD viewer engaged.
  10. It’s just a really good show. In a time where the only thing found on the tube is The Kardashians or The Voice, The Crown reminds you what a really fantastic series can be. It harkens back to the time of Brideshead Revisited, where characters and plot count for something and acting-(imagine that!) actually watching some actors perfect their craft stirs you as a viewer. It is a triumph of a show giving humanity to an otherwise stiff-upper lipped British monarchy. It variously gives a heartbeat to a seemingly cold class and for us Americans something to warm to when our own political climate leaves us cold and uncertain.img_1403img_1402

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  • Reply Stephanie November 10, 2016 at 12:46 am

    I think my favourite thing about it is that it is just such a well done period piece that it helps add some spice to a mundane, day-to-day life. I keep on catching myself loving Claire Foy’s hair. Love the monarchy or hate them, this show brings humanity to the whole family. Good write up.

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