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How To Avoid Failed New Year’s Resolutions

January 17, 2017

I always feel a slight pressure with the new year. Like most 2016 had me walking around in a somnambulant state. The feeling of “bad luck” “things not working” tethered to me, weighing me down. Yet, I’ve rolled into 2017 not feeling particularly lighter. The miasma of last year still lingers around me I fear.

I’ve tried to kick off 2017 with a gusto. Did I mention I signed up for a twenty-one day yoga challenge? Today was indeed day nine! Unfortunately, I have yet to do day one due to a hectic schedule….but, the intention was there, right?

I’m just not sure how you kick past problems. Rid yourself of all that was lacking last year? Are there people who quite literally woke up January 1 and things just clicked? The clouds parted and there they were basking in the light and glory of all things fabulous 2017? Who are these people?

I didn’t do the typical setting up for failure by making new year’s resolutions. They always lead to disappointment after week three I feel. Yet, I did somewhat promise myself that I would have a better year.

But, here I sit and things oddly look and feel quite a lot like 2016. So what are you/we to do?

I read a great article the other day which said every new day is a chance to restart, to go from the beginning as if it’s a new year/new quarter/new whatever. I think this is a much better tactic then thinking all will change due to a new calendar year. Rather, if we make slight changes each day in a slow crawl to our ultimate goal, that seems more realistic and a better chance of a positive outcome to me.

So today, maybe I’ll try day nine, even though I haven’t done the first week and not beat myself up about it. Or maybe I’ll read a little longer tonight, eat a little healthier, write a little more. Any of the things I wanted to try do more of this year. Certainly, it will be a slow start and things won’t change overnight, but we have to start somewhere, right?

Just take it bird by bird….(read the book if you haven’t)!


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