The Genius That Is-Tom Ford

February 9, 2017


Tom Ford is undoubtedly a genius. This seems to be known to any woman or man whose crossed his clothing line in some capacity. If you live on the island of Manhattan, the look of Tom Ford might very well be the ultimate goal. Chicness to a level that I only wish I had one percent of. Do you think Tom would approve of my red Crocs?

I don’t think anyone would have the temerity to question that Tom Ford is one of the greats in the fashion world. Yet, I had no idea of his cinematic genius; until now.

I had seen A Single Man and quite enjoyed…but, that isn’t saying much. Put Colin Firth in a film and the minute I see those side burns and British bashfulness accompanied by his perfect elocution, I’m in love. However, it must be said, Nocturnal Animals is taking it to another level.

I watched this film days ago and it still haunts me. There is no garrulity in this movie, every shot, every scene is perfectly executed and tailored much like, dare I say it, a Tom Ford suit. The cinematography is so darkly wondrous it was as if each take was a perfectly-timed photograph. From one shot to the next, the way he interwove the story line, I can’t begin to imagine the story boards he must have created. And the acting! Oh what a tour de force from Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall. I don’t want to name shame here, but it is a wonder that La La Land with it’s cookie-cutter acting and heavy-footed dancing is so highly lauded and in the spotlight. Where to me, Nocturnal Animals is this year’s true triumph.

It is not an easy film to watch, as opposed, yet again, to the lightness of La La Land. There was one particular roadside scene which literally left, for lack of a better cliché, my heart pounding out of my body. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is such a perfect hillbilly backwoods villain that I completely forgot that he is British. His smacking lips and taunting of Gyllenhall’s weakness left me paralyzed with fear on the couch.

But, it should be said, it is not a straight grab you by the throat kind of thriller. Nocturnal Animals deeply explores psychological elements of relationships, regrets, life choices and who we choose to become in life which can ultimately haunt us the most of all.  

It is a darkly-beautiful, visually stimulating, exquisitely executed film. Much like the ingenious imagination and originality that is, Tom Ford.

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