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Green Light Into Spring With Lorde

March 5, 2017

March is such a duplicitous demon of a month.  I always tend to get depressed in this not-quite-yet-spring-time of year.  Hopeful that it’s finally getting warm and then snow and cold weather comes to crush all my dreams.  It is only March 5, and yet I’m feeling all the feels of this month like nobodies biz.  It’s freezing, I’m grumpy and last year’s energy still hangs around me like a cold fog.

So what do you need?  A summer anthem.

Yes, a summer anthem in March.  I haven’t been this excited about a song or  music video in a long long time.  It’s called “Green Light” and is by the ever-talented wunderkind, Lorde.  The production by Jack Antonoff is nothing short of perfected genius.  With the chorus, the wild drums, the build-up….Everything about this groove gives me chills and makes me feel hopeful again.  Have a listen, get inspired….spring is right around the corner…

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