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Love Soaps-Made With Love For Someone You Love

May 2, 2016

lovesoap2 LG

Time and time again I find myself in need of small but lovely gifts that are tokens of appreciations for those I love whether that be host and hostess gifts, birthday gifts, new home presents (you get the idea.) All sorts of occasions garner all sorts of special offerings to show my gratitude in one way or another. Yet, I’m sick of the same old same old candle. I am never sure which scent someone wants to burn for hours. However, this debate has ended, as I finally have found an all-encompassing perfect present. Courtesy of Sweden, and my beloved Victoria Scandinavian Soap I give you, “Love Soaps.”

Packaged in beautiful luxury boxes, these heart-shaped soaps are made with love for someone you love.

They come in two scents, “Day,” a bright and almost fruity floral scent, and “Night,” a seductive bouquet with hints of wood. The heart-shape soap would be perfect for a guest bathroom or somewhere where people would often see it.


What I love about this soap too, is that it is finely milled, not one of those soaps you use once and is half-gone. This heart-shaped bar is going to last for ages! It doesn’t strip your skin and has a light-soothing scent that doesn’t smell like cheap perfume; yet, rather something natural and it makes your shower smell like a luxury spa. It is truly the perfect present for just about any occasion. Linked below is the Victoria Scandinavian Soap where you can find all their amazing products and read up on this historical company. Everything they do is so natural, yet produces great results. And if you want to buy any of their goods, including the Love Soaps I’ve linked Soap Kings as well where you can buy directly here in the U.S.

Lather up and feel loved up with Victoria Scandinavia Love Soaps.

Victoria Scandinavia Soap AB Link

Soap Kings Link To Buy


Exfoliate Your Way To Amazing Skin With Victoria of Sweden Shea Butter Scrub

September 14, 2015



I have been reading quite a lot on French women lately. More specifically, their beauty regiments. There is something about French ladies that have it just so. According to many, aside from their diet tricks of cigarettes and triple-cream cheese, exfoliating is the key to their perfect-glowing skin. Great. I exfoliate pretty much never, and here’s why. My skin is sensitive, and half the time I exfoliate I’m left red and wounded for days. It’s not cute. Sometimes I look like I legit have road rash. But, then I realized I’m just not using the RIGHT exfoliator. Enter Victoria of Sweden’s Shea Butter Scrub. Let me just say, “well hello there soft complexion!”

I’ve referenced France, but let’s go Nordic for a minute. What in all that is smoked salmon and dill are they doing over there in Sweden? The Victoria of Sweden brand just keeps doing it for me. So I tried their shea butter body scrub and to try to not overuse an analogy, but my skin was left baby soft. It has Nordic blueberries and natural exfoliants, but then with the combination of the shea, it somehow moisturizers right after it exfoliates. Does this make sense? Let me walk you through my naked shower experience.

You know how with most body scrubs, right after your skin is kind of raw? With the addition of the shea butter, your skin immediately gets a new layer of moisture on the fresh epidermis. I noticed, I hardly needed any moisturizer after my shower, and not nearly as much lotion was needed that whole week. It is a skin wonder people! Going into the colder months, the thought of this miracle worker taking off the dead-dry skin that always plagues us in winter, and immediately moisturizing after, I think is going to be the key to saving your skin. Furthermore, like all of the Victoria of Sweden products, there is no overwhelming scent, and it smells natural, with barely a detection of a strong aroma. Am linking below, take a look at their site, their company’s history. It’s really a truly fascinating brand that has been doing some great things since 1905. I’ll also be posting direct links of where to purchase. Do your skin a favor, and check this out, you’ll look like a dewy French-Swede, and the compliments that come your way will be abundant.


Victoria of Sweden AB Link

*Update-here is a link where you can purchase directly in the United States, honestly such a fantastic line:


Victoria of Sweden-Shea Body Butter-Notice an Instant Change In Your Skin

August 18, 2015


vi508007My skin always craves moisture. I don’t care what time of year it is, when I get out of the shower I need to lube it up! Even in the summer when everyone is complaining about oily skin, my skin still feels dry, cracked and strangely parched. I’m constantly on the search for something that moisturizes, but doesn’t feel greasy. I love shea butter, I have since my early days. But, I don’t like the way it wears. While when I first put it on, my skin seems to drink it up like the dehydrated organ it is, I don’t like the residue that seems to always be left behind. In the summer months, I particularly don’t like it, when you sweat and then you feel extra filmy and somewhat slimy. Yet, this has all changed with my introduction into the wide world of Swedish skincare, specifically, Victoria Scandinavian Soap.

I love this brand for many reasons. Obviously, we all want Nordic skin. Porcelain and white with nary a wrinkle, yes that would be a dream. But, I also love this company because so much of what they use is all natural. The other day I was looking at the back of one of my lotion bottles from a drugstore brand, and was horrified by how many creepy additives I couldn’t pronounce were listed on the back of the bottle. Yet, with Victoria of Sweden, they really stick to their natural-indigenous ingredients, and my skin loves it!

So back to their Shea Body Butter. I tried it in July. Now, you would think Shea Butter should be reserved for January, when your skin is like an alligator and your feet could sand a wall, they are so rough. Not this Shea Body Butter, this is for all year round. Never before have I tried a moisturizer that is so rich and lovely on your skin, but leaves no trace whatsoever. Afterwards your skin feels rose petal soft, with not a hint of that Shea Butter grease I’m always wary of. Made up of Nordic blueberry and Swedish honey, it feels decadent, and has no overwhelming scent. That’s another thing I hate about certain body creams, the smell. I don’t want to walk around smelling like Bath and Body Works, I want to smell like my perfume, or nothing at all. With the Victoria of Sweden Shea Butter, there is no overbearing scent. And you know in summer when you start to sweat a bit and then it makes your perfumed-lotion aroma come out? None of that with the Victoria of Sweden Shea Body Butter. Plus, here is the real thing. The real honest truth, I really noticed a difference in my skin. It felt supple and hydrated for days on end. I had no need to reapply and could seriously feel a difference in its texture.

Having lived in NYC for so long I feel like I’ve tried every brand under the sun. From getting Fresh samples at my local Soho store, to the Kiehl’s that just opened in Nolita. But, never before have I noticed such a visible, tangible difference in my skin, than with the Victoria of Sweden line. Plus, their prices are so reasonable, you can slather on without worrying about breaking the bank. I’m posting a link below, and seriously encourage you to try, especially the Shea Butter. I love the scrub too, and will be writing on it later, but really, my new cult beauty must have, is the Shea Butter Body Lotion. Your skin, and bod will thank you. Skål!

Victoria of Sweden Shea Body Butter w/Swedish Blueberries-Is there any kind of butter I don't like? wahahha:)

Victoria of Sweden Shea Body Butter w/Swedish Blueberries-Is there any kind of butter I don’t like? wahahha:)

Victoria of Sweden Link-try all their products, I know I want to;)

*Here is a direct link to purchase their products stateside:



Kimiko Hydrating Tint All-In-One Makeup Miracle

July 15, 2015

Makeup in summer is like makeup at the gym, not a good look, and not something you want to do. Especially and this is a large especially, especially anything that is on my face, like foundation or tinted moisturizer. My skin is already hot and grimy having to deal with the sweaty urban jungle that is, NYC. I can not tolerate, nor can my pores, any more build-up. It’s a conundrum however, as I do suffer from a bit of rosacea, and would like something that helps even out my skin tone, and in a perfect world have some SPF. Well, thankfully for all of us, the perfect world has arrived with Kimiko’s hydrating tint.

Let me begin with a bit of name dropping first, so you get the length of my quest to find a product like this. I have tried them all. From the highly raved about Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, to the Bare Minerals powder. Both left my skin screaming by the end of the day, and me nearly sprinting to my sink when I got home to wash my face off. I’m not sure how it’s possible to make your skin feel claustrophobic, but these most certainly did.

The first thing that drew me to Kimiko’s hydrating tint, was the weightlessness of the moisturizer. I know beauty brands are always flashing these descriptive adjectives in your face. Like weightless or barely-there-feel, illuminating words your skin and you yearn for. But, here, with Kimiko, it is the first time I can say the descriptions are factual. I have worn this now in both June and July. Do you know what this means to say June and July? That’s like saying I’ve taken my skin out for a test drive in the worst possible conditions imaginable. Never once was I aware that I even had something on my face. Can you imagine this miracle? No, me neither. But, here is the real kicker, each time I’ve taken my visage out for a spin, I’ve gotten a compliment on my skin. I am not kidding. Direct quotes like, “have you had a facial recently?” “You look radiant.” Kimiko’s tinted moisturizer has reflecting minerals that give your skin a perfectly dewy complexion. It’s like when you add a filter to some of your Instagram photos, and you instantly look better. This is the “Mayfair filter” of skincare; a glowy, lit from within look. Another thing I adore about this tinted joy, is that it does not look like you have makeup on. It’s just you, but better. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants so you can slather it all over your face knowing, not only are you going to look better, but you are doing your skin a favor for the long run. I consider this instant and long-term gratification. With the added SPF 20, it’s the most all-in-one products in my skincare regime.

You can purchase this from the Kimiko site, which I’ll link below. It’s in the forty buck range, and you only need a small amount to cover your whole face, which means one bottle will last you quite a while. I am telling you, it’s the best thing you can do for your skin, and your ego this summer.

buy me, wear me, look like you are back lit all damn day

buy me, wear me, look like you are back lit all damn day

Kimiko Beauty Link


Egg White Soap From Sweden-Instantly Tighten Your Pores

June 16, 2015




It has been yonks since I’ve written about any beauty products. Truth be known, I really haven’t loved anything in a while. I’ve certainly gone on some sample hunts to Bloomingdales, and SpaceNK. But, after using up most tiny bottles, I decide I don’t notice a difference in my skin, and everything seems overpriced. Finally though, I have found something that produces instant results and at a decent price, all thanks to my mother. It’s called egg white soap or “Lanolin-Agg-Tval”, and is from a line by Victoria, which has been around since 1905. Most importantly, it’s endorsed by Royal Swedish, stating, “proudly holds the title Purveyor of the Royal Swedish Court.” Royal Swedish! Good enough for them, good enough for me. I’m sure there are some Swedish Princesses in my lineage. But, in all seriousness, this stuff is bomb, and you can notice a tightness in your skin and pores immediately.

You know how you read those “do it yourself beauty blogs?” They always say, make an egg wash and put it on your face. Yes, this is great in theory, but seriously, who wants cake batter/raw omelet on their visage? With this, you get all the benefits of egg whites, but without the hassle and mess. And it also has rose water, which nourishes and hydrates. I’ve used these bars as a cleanser, and also as a mask. With the mask you lather on the soap suds and let them dry/firm for about ten to fifteen minutes. After washing off, your skin and pores definitely feel tighter, and your skin really does have a radiant-dewy-glow.

I also think these bars are perfect for the summer season. My face always tends to be more oily in the warmer months. Plus, with the grime of the city combined with sweat, you want something that feels like it deeply cleans your dirty pores and pulls away the dirt, and this does both. Also, I must note, after some of the shocking prices of samples I got around Manhattan, this is serious bang for your buck. The box my Mom bought me has six soap bars at fifty grams each. This will surely last me at least a year, and at twenty dollars, I consider this a major beauty steal. You can find these at the Scandinavian Center in NYC, which has an array of fabulous gifts, or if you aren’t in the NY area, they are on trusted Amazon.


Victoria Egg White Soap-LINK



Friends In France Miracle Cream

January 30, 2014


I know I complain a ton about the weather.  But, honestly, in New York right now it is so cold that yesterday I was jogging in place while waiting for the light to change.  To say it’s unbearable is an understatement.  I’ve been wearing as many layers as I can humanly pile on. I literally leave the house feeling heavy and weighted by all my clothing.  My face, however, is left exposed, and feels like it’s going to fall off. Getting pummeled by the harsh weather conditions, my nose feels like it’s going to snap and fall on the side walk. Half the time I just can’t feel my cheeks.  Needless to say, after I wash my face my skin is feeling pretty dry, cracked, and all around arctic- weather unhappy.  I’ve tried just washing my face at night, and only washing with water in the morning.  Or I am slathering it with everything from Eight Hour Cream to every lotion I’ve ever purchased.  Nothing seems to be working.  Then, by some wondrous miracle one of my closest friends sent me a care package from Paris.  What was inside is nothing short of a winter dry skin miracle.  A simple white tube, which contained the answers to all my skin prayers.  It’s by a company I’ve never heard of called Embryolisse.  The cream itself is called lait-creme concentre, or simply their “nourishing moisturizer.”  After a quick Google search I realized it’s a cult favorite of makeup artists everywhere, and I can see why.  It really deeply penetrates your skin without leaving it greasy.  Your skin feels silky smooth afterward, truly the perfect base before applying your makeup.  I’ve already gone through half a tube and intend on buying more for myself, and everyone else I know.  It’s a steal at around thirty bucks, and truly one of the best creams I’ve ever used.  Thank goodness for the French, and good friends who somehow telepathically know you’re in need of a skincare miracle.  Viva la France!13736-300


Embryolisse Lait-Creme 



Skin Oil Du Jour-Pai Rosehip BoiRegenerate Oil

May 8, 2013

My skin is always a bit of a nightmare.  Dry over here, oily over there, some redness on my forehead and some clogged pores on my nose.  Sweet.  It’s a combination mess, and it’s hard to find something to treat all of its ailments.  Should I put the greasy night cream just on the patch that’s flakey, and then the dry out cream on the zits?  You get the idea.

But, recently I found something that I can just rub on all over and not worry about.  It’s called Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate oil, and it’s the new love of my skin life.  I found it while perusing the internet for more rosehip seed oil, and it seemed like it was tailor made with me in mind.  It’s from the UK, and was founded by Sarah Brown.  She developed all of her skin care products for those with sensitive skin.  Hello there Sarah, that would be me!!!!

My skin is so sensitive. I suffer from rosacea and almost anything irritates it.  This however, did not, and, if anything, I saw  my redness reduced over night.  Another thing I absolutely love about this oil, is that it’s more of a dry oil.  Going into the more warmer, humid months I’m totally freaked out about using oil on my skin for fear of major pore clogage.  But, this goes on oily, but dries to a dry finish pretty quickly.  The smell is kind of odd, sort of reminds me perhaps of an old tea bag? But, I figure it’s all those organic oils, and I rather that then an overly perfumed granny bomb.

Plus, the price in my mind is pretty damn fantastic.  Thirty-five dollars, and a little goes a long way, you only really need a few drops to cover your whole face (and I have a pretty big head.)  But, here is the bottom line, aside from their sales pitch which sold me pretty well, “refines appearance of damaged skin and fine lines,” is the fact that I did see noticeable results within a few days of nightly use.  Definitely tighter skin, and definitely less redness. I’m curious to try some of their other products, but, in the mean time, I really do recommend this as the oil du jour.



Pai Skin Care Link


Easy At Home Exfoliator-Winter Dry Skin Be Gone!

March 30, 2013

Lately I’ve noticed a ton of magazines are doing articles for “home remedies” for skin care.  You know the ones where they say smash an avocado and make it a face mask for moisturizing your skin.  Or, my personal favorite the egg white mask.  I can just picture myself in my kitchen covered in sticky egg whites leaning over the sink dripping in white goo.  But, the other day I found myself trying one of these at home remedies, and man, it worked.

My skin is super sensitive, so I’m not one of those girls whose putting a face mask on every other day (you know who you are.)  Everything seems to irritate my skin, and I kind of just hope it will take care of itself.  Something I realized was not working when I looked in the magnify mirror.  Frankly I think magnify mirrors should be outlawed, but that’s another story.  My skin was super dry and flakey, a lovely little result of this cold and brutal winter we’ve had in New York.  So I decided I had to exfoliate.  I remembered I had read about using baking powder as an exfoliator, and this was an hour of desperation, so I tried it.  It works like a freakin dream.  You mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of water, so it’s sort of a paste.  Then you just wet you skin with water and exfoliate away.  I really was surprised and quite amazed.  The grains are super small so it’s not too harsh and my skin felt like a baby’s bottom afterwards(someone needs to think of a new analogy, but I’m just too tired today), but think super soft skin.  I think it’s a great little secret to add into your skin care routine, and even if you are one of those girls who has a thousand products (again, you know who you are) you can always use this in a pinch.  I’m writing the recipe here, but feel stupid even writing it it’s so simple.

Baking Soda Face Exfoliator Recipe:

Mix one tablespoon of warm water with one tablespoon of baking soda until it’s a thick paste.

Wash your face with warm water and exfoliate away.

*I think this would be even better used in the shower, because it’s kind of messy.  So you can think of me while you’re naked;)


Who knew I was a miracle skin worker?



Rosehip Seed Oil-Best Beauty Product-Bang For Your Buck

March 10, 2013

Rose Hip Seed Oil


I never know what to buy for face creams. I google search, look up reviews, and always wonder how much are they paying those Allure best of beauty people? I just don’t know quite what to buy, and hate buying expensive creams.  Every time I do buy pricey creams, I don’t want to use them.

How much does that little tiny pin drop of La Mer cream cost?  And my face is bigger than that tiny spoon thing they give you, I need more I tell you! But, at those prices I just can’t bare to put more on.  So I choose the part of my face that I think needs the most help, apply the tear drop size moisturizer and then try to spread it out around the rest of my visage.  It never works. I end up having kind of moisturized temples and then pray that the miracle cream’s magic molecules have marched onward and outward.

This all ended though when I discovered Rosehip Seed Oil.  My sister has a friend who has pretty luminous skin.  She’s wrinkle free and seems to stand the test of time (to this day I have no idea how old she is, but she looks young.) So who better to ask for skin recommendations? She’s the one who told me about Rosehip Seed Oil and everyone has been jumping on the band wagon ever since.

It’s cheap, under twenty dollars a bottle! This means you can slather it on in the drier months with joyous abandonment.   Slathering it everywhere and lubing up that oh so dry chapped face, not just the tiny area.  The key to it is to really rub it in.  So give your face a good rub.

It helps naturally treat wrinkles, scars, and I swear it makes my pores feel tighter in the morning.  Plus, at twenty bucks even if you don’t like it you can end up just putting it on your neck and hands, if you don’t like it on your face.  But, I think you will like it.  The celebs are all about it(I know I still go for the celebrity endorsement), but hey. Miranda Kerr swears by it, and so does the Duchess of Cambridge. A Duchess! A Duchess I tell you!  I’ve included a couple links below, the one I’m using right now is by Trilogy. One sells every ninety seconds, I think that’s saying something. Plus, all natural, gotta be good, right? Let me know what you think.

 d85974e65f24 Amazon: Trilogy