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Soundtrack of My Life

Soundtrack of My Life

Green Light Into Spring With Lorde

March 5, 2017

March is such a duplicitous demon of a month.  I always tend to get depressed in this not-quite-yet-spring-time of year.  Hopeful that it’s finally getting warm and then snow and cold weather comes to crush all my dreams.  It is only March 5, and yet I’m feeling all the feels of this month like nobodies biz.  It’s freezing, I’m grumpy and last year’s energy still hangs around me like a cold fog.

So what do you need?  A summer anthem.

Yes, a summer anthem in March.  I haven’t been this excited about a song or  music video in a long long time.  It’s called “Green Light” and is by the ever-talented wunderkind, Lorde.  The production by Jack Antonoff is nothing short of perfected genius.  With the chorus, the wild drums, the build-up….Everything about this groove gives me chills and makes me feel hopeful again.  Have a listen, get inspired….spring is right around the corner…

Soundtrack of My Life

Get Ready For Halloween Or Any Night Out With Italove

October 31, 2016


I always think the most fun part of Halloween, or any big night, is getting ready.  Currently, I’m under the weather and living vicariously through everyone’s fun photos.  But, if I were to get ready for tonight’s festivities this is the song I’d listen to; “Emmanuelle”-from a band called, Italove.

Originally from Stockholm they are considered “Italo disco”, not normally my genre.  But, this song totally gets me in the grooving mood.  I hope you listen to it whilst putting on loads of glitter and have the best Halloween ever.

Soundtrack of My Life

Song For Last Days of Summer-“Looking For Knives” by Dyan

August 22, 2016

Screen shot 2016-08-22 at 12.10.53 PM
My pre-fall anxiety has hit me full swing today. A quick glance at the calendar, a step outside to feel the drop in temperature and I am in panic mode. I get like this every end of summer, never quite being able to ditch my adolescent ways at the dread of “having to go back to school.” I am capricious and moody, longing to hold on to the last rays of summer. As with everything in my life however, a song can quickly change my color, and this jam by Dyan is paradoxically calming and motivating all at once. Where has this band been all my life?
I like nothing more than a “mood-setter,” tunes you can have playing in the background at a dinner party or in the car. This one, “Looking For Knives” is nothing short of electric-syntho-pop perfection. My prescription for “Looking For Knives” is to listen whilst driving, preferably down a tree-lined road with sunbeams warming the interior and a window cracked just so.
Yesterday, my sister received advice that when in a funk one should drive by oneself and listen to great music; I couldn’t agree more. So if you are feeling like me and a little heavy today, listen to “Looking For Knives.” It will help lift your spirit and remind you to cherish the bit of summer we have left.


Soundtrack of My Life

Summer Song-Disclosure ft. London Grammar

August 5, 2016

I looked down at my calendar today and almost had a heart attack. The fleeting feeling of summer slipping by gives me medium to moderate heart palpitations.
Where have the balmy days gone? Only a few weeks left? How can it be? My list for summer-fun activities has no where near been checked off.
Today, I am putting into motion “relishing the last days of summer act.” As such, it is only suiting that you have a soundtrack and song for such motivation. And for this I choose, “Help Me Loose My Mind” by Disclosure.
It’s not a new song, but I’ve loved it forever. Disclosure is a British electronic duo and this particular track features one of my all-time faves, London Grammar.
I encourage you to listen to this-go outside-drive with the windows down-sunroof open. Maybe even let some rays hit your face and get a tiny bit sunburnt. And help yourself “loose your mind” and enjoy the carefree last days of the summer season.

Soundtrack of My Life

Get Inspired With Christine and The Queens

June 29, 2016


It is has been quite a while since I’ve posted any music. Frankly, I haven’t been inspired by anything in a long time. I feel the way I do about books, as I do with the soundtrack of my life. It’s sacred to me in some strange way, and I feel it’s almost an onerous task to try to adequately describe songs or artists/bands that I love. However, in this case, I feel so utterly refreshed and truly exhilarated by this singer that I put all my insecurities behind me to discuss the genius that is, Christine and The Queens.

What struck me most about this singer-songwriter, Héloïse Letissier, is that she is as visually stimulating to the eyes as she is to the ears. She dances with minimal back drops in some modern dance meets art installation way. I find her so original and such a breath of fresh air. Seeing her on my beloved, The Graham Norton Show last week was like watching a true artist bringing originality in art form to music like I’ve never seen before. Though her dancing is seemingly simplistic, there is something engaging and endearing about her clean moves matched with the electro-pop vibe of her songs.

Christine and The Queens is undeniably one to watch. It came as no surprise to hear she was one of the best acts at the recent Glastonbury and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she takes the U.S. by storm. This little French pixie is sprinkling some seriously needed magic dust into the otherwise to me, stagnant music scene right now, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

      Tilted - Christine and The Queens

Soundtrack of My Life

Song For A Start-Bag Raiders

January 4, 2016



NYC-Morning Sun

“I am going to start the first Monday of 2016 off with gusto!” Famous last words before my alarm clocked bellowed out to me in the darkness at the ungodly hour of five am. Feeling like I was once again my bygone-schoolgirl-self, I stated, “five more minutes.”

It physically hurt to get out of bed this morning. I was also welcomed with what felt like the first true day of winter outside. Freezing air and wind bit at my cheeks as I trudged heavily and rather drowsily down the Bowery this morning. Already shelving my idea of, “being healthier” and hating myself for wanting to eat a Cafe Habana sandwich over a green juice, I am struggling. A six foot tall sloth with a headache of fatigue only similar to that of a hangover. This was not, how I intended to tackle my Monday of the New Year. The only things that will seem to get me through, are the obvious, caffeine and good music.

So for this I am posting a song I love by Bag Raiders called, “Shooting Stars.” It’s an older song that I’ve always adored. Bag Raiders are an electronic band from Australia and there is something so upbeat about the rhythm that it gives me a bit of bounce in my step as I’m otherwise crawling pathetically through the day. For now, it will be my anthem for 2016, or at least until I can gain consciousness and dive headfirst into this year’s new beginnings.

      Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders
Soundtrack of My Life

Reawaken Your Spirit On A Cold Fall Morning With Jai Wolf

October 27, 2015

Lately I’ve been kind of going inward. By that I mean, spending a ton of a time at home, reflecting and just being rather low-key. Is it the changing of the seasons, generally feeling “stuck”, or is it reading too many self-help books and using the words, “going inward?” Most likely a combination of all three.

When I stumbled on this song, it felt like a kind of rebirth musically, or an awakening if you will. Still too much self-help? Oh well.

It’s by a young NYC-based producer, called Jai Wolf. If I lived by the ocean, this is a song I think I’d blast in the morning with the windows open and the sea air billowing through. I don’t know, to me, it sounds hopeful. Give it a listen, and if my new age gibberish is annoying you, just tune in to its great beat.


Soundtrack of My Life

The XX-Basic Space For A Fried Day

September 17, 2015


I have been super frazzled lately, my nerves are shot. Yesterday, I dropped a carton of eggs, spilt every drink I was handed, forgot very important things that shouldn’t have been forgotten. The pinnacle was when I found myself stuck in a revolving door in midtown with a whole lobby full of suits watching me as I  jammed myself in the door unable to move. My purse and half my limbs repeatedly getting scrunched and stuck behind me as I tried to move forward. The more I pushed, the more stuck I got. Am I the only one who seems to be able to lack the ability to figure out if you are supposed to push or pull some of those glass doors? Ugh. Embarrassing, slightly mortifying and not at all surprising given the state I’m in. I am fried like an egg at drunk brunch.

Right now I’m working on getting me back to me. My remedy for rebuilding my nerves is lots of good nights sleep, Bravo and just generally chilling out.

I’m very driven by music. It can sway my mood, or make it, in a mere song. This one, from The XX, just works for what I need on my quest to get my Zen jive and mojo back. It’s not new, and I’m sure many of you have heard it before, but let’s circle back shall we? “Basic Space” is just a vibe of a jam. I love everything The xx do. I wish I could be as cool as them, I don’t even know if I’m supposed to capitalize their double xx’s or not?!?!?! (no, but really, how do I write that?) But, what I do know, is they are making some of the most innovative-unique music out there. This song calms me, while kind of lifting me up. There is a happy bounce in there that lifts my spirit, while their silky voices soothe. Is just what the doctor ordered for this fried chick, and will continue to be on repeat til further notice.

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Perspective and Florence

August 23, 2015


Perspective. It’s not something I have ever been good at, or am good at having some sort of handle on. I’m always just so, “in it.” You know when you are depressed, and people say, be thankful for what you have. Be thankful you have running water and your health and all that. During this speech, I tune out and my mind just goes, “blah blah blah.” I have running water, but I don’t have all the things I WANT AND NEED! I am completely spoiled, and have no perspective, and I own it.

But, then I was talking to one of my oldest friends the other day. We have been friends so long, I actually don’t like to say how many years, because now it’s starting to age me dramatically. So we were talking about body images and the like. She was mentioning how she used to see an old picture of herself in a bikini on vacation, and stare at it. Just venerate this photo and her body in the picture. A strange mix of awe and, “oh I wish I still looked like that.” We continued to have a long discussion about ourselves in our twenties. A strange thing, I had a much better (or at least thinner) body then, but I was a much more miserable person. Sure there is a small part (ok big part) of me that wishes I still had the taut skin, no love handles, and the ability to loose weight from just eating healthy for a few days. But, I certainly don’t wish back all that I had up in my neurotic head back then. I over-analyzed everything in my twenties. Would have deep bouts of depression, thinking how hard life was, from my pedestal in my loft on the Bowery. I don’t wish that back on myself. But, then my friend said something that struck me, that I’m trying to take with me and have some perspective on. She said, “well, in ten years from now, we will probably look back at pictures of ourselves today, and think, wow, I wish I had that body.” Isn’t that the truth? But, isn’t that so hard to do? I know I’ve talked about this general idea before, and always circle back to it. But, I just find it so f*cking hard! Having perspective! When I see that little dimple start forming on my upper thigh, the self-loathing kicks in, and my heart sinks a bit. Someday, most likely, most sadly, most dreadfully, I’ll probably have tons of little dimples punctuating my upper thighs. But, I can’t seem to be grateful for what I have in the here and now. No, no perspective.

I want to use an annoying yoga/self-help word now, but I’m really trying to be more “mindful” of this, myself, and my thoughts. I can get toxic with myself faster than I’d like to admit. The negative thoughts breed on themselves like a cold virus in a kindergarten class. So, now I’m trying to be more “aware” and start switching my thoughts, and switching my perspective on those that I idolize. By idolize, I mean those women that I swoon for. The young ones with the bodies so thin. The arms like little twigs and the thigh gaps like craters between their legs. No, I’m going to stop being jealous of these young girls, and start looking up to my women tribe who make me feel empowered, and have nothing to do with their body size or looks. I’ll give you an example, Florence Welch. Now, let’s be straight here. I think she is a bad ass hot biatch with hair ablaze and a wildness that makes me feel like the tame grandma I am. But, I had a moment with Ms. Welch and I would like to share it with you here.

A while back, I was watching my beloved, Graham Norton. I had heard one of Florence and the Machine’s latest song, but never took to it. But, then this night, on Graham, she was the musical guest. I thought I would watch, kind of half-listening, waiting for him to get to my favorite part, the last segment with the audience member in the red chair. Yet, when Florence came on, my mind was blown, and my spirit howled from within. That’s right, I just said spirit howled from within(I know too many self-help)but, sh*t it did; it howled like a wolf, from the couch.

So many women we admire today, in my eyes don’t deserve the adoration they receive, most especially from the younger generation. But, here was this vision, this fiery woman on my television screen singing with such strength and conviction, whilst sort of Woodstock-hippie-barefoot dancing on stage. It left me transfixed, gobsmacked, astonished. I was mesmerized, and wanted to worship her like the musical rock goddess she is.

Now, when I hear that song, I get a sense of self-empowerment. I gain my here and now perspective. A sort of primal instinct to be my strongest me. This me includes the widened hips, cellulite, and lengthy array of bodily issues I have. But, it also includes the me in this moment. I want to worship the me of today, not the me of yesterday. Yes, my thighs might be bigger, but they are strong, they are mine. My arms are bigger for sure, but they also spend much of the day carrying my treasured senior dog around the streets of NYC. I love my turkey wings for that. For being able to pick him up, and cuddle him, and whisper in his ear, “live forever.” Now, when I hear that Florence and the Machine song, I use it as my anthem. My self-help and all the bull sh*t that comes with it soundtrack to the new me. The one who has perspective, or at least is consciously trying to learn and trying to have some perspective. To count my blessings, to relish my life and moments; bulginess and all. I thank the universe for giving me that serendipity on the couch to see Florence in all her rock goddess glory. To give me a new female to aspire to, a tenaciousness to work towards, and a song to do it all to. I hope you can find your own song, or woman that makes you feel strong. And if not, here is mine, for you to borrow. Listen to it, envision the best you, and then think, you are probably already that person.  You just have to have the courage to put that person out there, to let her come out onto the stage, barefoot and all. She is waiting. She is inside, and I know she is just ready to come out and rock.

Soundtrack of My Life

Pretend You Are In Ibiza With Odesza

June 12, 2015

It was recently pointed out to me, that I haven’t posted any music in a while. It’s funny to me, because my music tastes fluctuate with the seasons. I realize that in the winter, I tend to be more drawn to melancholic Brit music. The kind you can drift away to on a bleak snowed in day. Summer, though, summer, I like to go full on cheese. This song, is called, “It’s Only,” and is by a band called, Odesza. Even though they are a duo out of Seattle, I feel like its got this real Euro-vibe going to it. I like to listen to it and pretend I’m in Ibiza. Sitting at some insane villa, with the warm breeze tickling my sunburnt skin while I swig back the rosé. Of course in my daydream, I can afford a sick villa, and have the bod of Heidi Klum. Hopefully this song will do the same for you, and you can drift away to your own personal summer dream.

Hope we can go to Ibiza together someday, you know who you are;)

Hope we can go to Ibiza together someday, you know who you are;)