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Great Food At Goodfood, Mattituck

October 4, 2015


I feel like when you cook or bake yourself, to find a restaurant that serves “home cooked” tasting food is near impossible. No matter how hard you try, it tastes, “store made.” It never seems to have that made from scratch feel, at least in my opinion.

It sucks, because when you are exhausted, seem to have had the longest week of your life, and just want to have a quiet weekend in the country, sometimes you don’t want to have to cook. Yes, I find the act of chopping and standing in front of the stove soothing, but sometimes, when you hit that sheer exhaustion point you want to heat some grub up and hit the couch, hard.

For all the Hamptons seemingly lined pockets, and New Yorkers who only expect the best in their culinary food, I must say the East End is lacking. Desperately in need of some decent restaurants, and even more decent to go joints would be an under statement. That is why, I thank all that is holy for Mattituck’s Goodfood.

Now, Mattituck is not necessarily the “Hamptons”, it’s part of the North Fork, which I’ve written about here before. I find the North Fork soothing, it calms my nerves in some yester-year way. So after a week or two of having my nerves shot in the city, I found myself ambling about on a windy-cold Saturday in the North Fork.

There, the pre-couch necessities stands, Goodfood. Goodfood is what I wish the Hamptons had. What I wish I had for a personal chef, quite honestly. Home cooked, made with love yumminess. They had a mac n cheese there, that I literally could not make eye contact with.

So what do I drive forty-five minutes for when I’m exhausted in hurricane Joaquin? Empanadas and crab cakes. Now, it’s not to say they don’t have more, they do. But, I find a good crab cake one of the hardest things to find. So when we discovered the perfectly crabby-peppery crab cake here, I can not not order it. That, and the empanadas. Oh my empanadas.

Hot empanadas at Good Food Monique Singh-Roy photo

Look at these babies

I’ve never like empanadas. This has always been a wonder to me, it made no sense. I love pierogies, can murder a dumpling, and my love for samosa’s knows no bounds. So why wouldn’t I therefore love empanadas? I’ll tell you why. Too much dough, always too much dough. One of my best friends always orders them at a restaurant in the city called, Yerba Buena. I always want to get on board, but I always find myself saying, “they’re ok.” The empanada lady at the farmer’s market? I want to devour hers. But, last time I got a sample I literally had to spit it out. So why am I dedicating so much time to the subject of empanadas? Because people, these are the best I’ve ever had, and I’m assuming, what an empanada should taste like. Light fluffy crust, with just a bit of crunch. When you bite into it, oozing hot yummy inside. The last one I had was the spinach–feta. Perfect amount of cheese to vegetable ratio. It needed no dipping sauce and was devoured in the car, before I even put it into reverse. Goodfood has tons of mouth-watering meals and snacks, like sandwiches, soups and pastries to make any baker weep. If you are ever on the East End, or even an hour within the North Fork, Goodfood is seriously worth the drive. You can load up whilst there, have snacks on the drive home, and binge on the couch. Not that I’ve ever done that before;)

yes, I want to eat this all day every day

yes, I want to eat this all day every day

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Agora-Greek Market Love In Mattituck

August 31, 2015
This is where I squealed

This is where I squealed

My body is very connected to places. Certain areas I don’t vibe with, some, immediately feel like home, or somewhere I instantly have a connection to. The North Fork to me is one such place. There is a quaintness and idyllic countryside meets small town feeling here. With all the vineyards, farm stands, and mom and pop shops, it feels like a bit of a bygone era, and I love it.

Yesterday, we had a glorious day on the North Fork. You know how people always say, the perfect Sunday? This really was. We dashed into little shops, feasted on lobster rolls and fish tacos, and simply drove. Watching the bountiful-colorful farm stands pass us by. On our travels I stumbled on one of the greatest little markets I’ve been to in a very long time. I’m not sure if it’s considered North Fork proper, but is in a little town on the way to Greenport, called Mattituck. It’s a Greek market, where I literally squealed and jumped up and down as a fat kid should when they discover homemade Greek delicacies.

As you may know, I have not been away this summer. Poor me! Life is so hard!!! No luxurious yacht trip. No trip to Italy and the Amalfi Coast. Certainly not Mykonos or any pristine Greek isle. Yet, walking into Agora Greek Market, is like literally walking into a slice of Greece and the Mediterranean. They have blocks of feta cheese. Huge hunks and wedges of so many varieties the cheese monster in me roared from within. We went for French feta, and it is such a creamy variety, it almost tastes like a goat and feta cheese mixed. Mmmmm….They have tons of other pre-made delicacies. Baklava, dolmades, olives, cheese pie, and literally the best spanakopita I have ever had. I know, I feel like I use the terms best ever, over and over here. But, this is literally the best spinach pie I have ever had, and I have eaten thousands!!!! Super flakey phyllo crust, perfect blend of feta meets spinach. With just the right amount of lemon-citrus-tanging up the back of your palate. I literally called the store in my adulation. Nearly weeping tears of fluffy pastry love. If you ever find yourself out East, you must must must check out, Agora. Seriously one of the best little shops/markets I’ve been to in a long time.

This is where I began jumping for joy like the fat kid I am.

This is where I began jumping for joy like the fat kid I am.

I can’t seem to find a website, but here is Yelp link, with phone number/directions etc.